Bill and Craig have a positive attitude to marketing their business, to gain future clientele and to tell people about their success story that has kept them in business over the last three decades.

At Pomroy(s) we are proud of our efforts towards the people in and around the area. Pomroys is a business that has been operating in the Essendon district for over 35 years.  We are a house hold name in and around the area.  We currently employ 15 people. Our reputation combined with our excellent standard of quality has resulted in various unsurpassed fleet contracts over the years. Currently we are working with many local dealerships and transport companies. Our management team realises that loss of use of your fleet vehicle is a down turn on your business therefore we aim at returning it to you as quickly as possible.  We have worked side by side with AAMI for approximately 25 years as well as with all leading insurance companies.

We work with the local schools in the community and our contribution to the work experience program has seen 120 children work with us.  We have had 14 apprenticeships served by youth from the local area.  We are also very proud of our $150000 sponsorship to sporting bodies and individuals to help in their pursuit towards excellence.