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Car Smash Repair and Panel beating Services

At Pomroy Panels we offer a wide range of services from car smash repairs to full panel & paint work to get your vehicle back on the road again with as little downtime as possible.

It is our aim to give the insurance company, the average motorist, fleet managers and owners a quick turn around with quality workmanship and a hassle free process, plus piece of mind that you are dealing with a family owned reputable firm that has stood the hands of time and named the spirit of the community.

At Pomroys we not only quote and repair your vehicle. We are happy deal with the insurance side of the matter. Our friendly staff can help you lodge the claim and assist in arranging an assessment.

We try to make the experience as hassle free as possible. We also acknowledge how important accurate departure times are. From start to finish we keep you informed on the progress of your vehicle and do our best to keep the time you are without it at a minimum.

Our Vehicle Repair Services

panel beating services

Are you in need of smash repairs? Pomroy Panels has a team of expert panel beaters who use cutting edge technology to restore your vehicle to its original pre-accident condition.           

car bumper repairs

Pomroy Panels specialise in bumper repairs for all vehicle makes and models. We use the latest technology to reduce repair times, while ensuring the highest quality. ​

car scratch repair

Car Scratch Repairs​

Our highly experienced specialists remove car scratches from your vehicle in record time with our specialised scratch repair tools and equipment. ​​

car spray painting

Car Spray Painting​

We proudly provide the best quality paint repairs by highly trained auto paint professionals using the latest in paint technology. This ensures a like brand new finish every time.

paintless dent repair

Our skilled specialists have the tools and training necessary in paintless dent repair (PDR) to make your dents disappear – without the time or cost of paintwork.​

hail damage repair

Pomroy Panels uses paintless dent repair (PDR) for expert hail damage removal. This ensures your vehicle will be restored back to its pristine condition in a minimal timeframe. ​

What Our Clients Say

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