Pomroy Panels

VACC Member

We have been backed for 32 years by the Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce (VACC)

Pomroy Panels has been a VACC accredited workshop for the past 32 years. Since 1918, the VACC, the automotive industry body in Victoria has represented over 5,000 automotive businesses to provide better quality work across all aspects of vehicle maintenance and repairs.

The VACC brand, when displayed on a member’s premises, is the mark of the motor industry professional. We have been an active member for 32 years, so we have the stamp of approval from the auto industry’s most recognised professional body

To become a member, the business must meet high standards according to the VACC Code of Practice and Divisions Rules. This includes facilities, equipment and qualified staff.

Due to this accreditation, you can have confidence in Pomroy Panels to look after your vehicle, knowing that they’re properly trained, well equipped and operate under strict industry standards

The safety of you and your family is our number one priority, so choose Pomroy Panels to ensure the quality of your vehicle’s repairs. We look forward to caring for your car.

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